Mapflat is dormant, and I am instead providing data engineering services at This site will remain for reference.

I am a freelance data engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I help clients build data processing solutions that are solid, scalable and sustainable.

I offer technical design of data-intensive products, data architecture and implementation of data features, such as recommendation systems and business insight systems. I can design small and lean systems for quickly extracting value from data, or scalable systems that handle large volumes of incoming data that drive the work of dozens of developers and data scientists. Whether the goal is large or small in scale, I recommend a lean strategy – start by building minimal end-to-end products, and add features and scalability incrementally.

I have during my career worked with the whole data path, from event collection to processing pipelines and analytics. I have touched most technologies in the Hadoop and Spark ecosystems, modern scalable stream processing components, such as Kafka, as well as the data processing offerings in Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

I also offer strategic guidance to companies going through a digitalisation journey towards becoming data-driven and cloud based. I assist companies from startups to banks with strategic choices for growing a data organisation, organising teams, catering for necessary competence, compliance processes, choosing vendors, etc.

Here is a more detailed description of what type of value I can bring to companies, and how I usually work with clients.

This slide deck is a summary of the strategies and practices I recommend for building reliable batch processing systems. It was presented at Jfokus 2016. I have assembled a list of presentations and articles, where you can find more material on data engineering and tangential subjects.

My resume and LinkedIn profile.

You can follow me on Twitter, or LinkedIn in order to get updates of technical data processing resources that I come across. Slides of presentations that I have held are found on SlideShare.



Phone: +46 70 7687109